Thursday, November 8, 2012

DILLIGAF examples

A group of seniors needed a DVD for a weekly session on which all topics were of interest. Or so I believed. I offered them an environmental DVD and the response was,
'No thanks, we're done the environmnent, we're over it'.
'We're over it?' it struck a chord with me that the environment can be something you can get over, like a predilection for chocolate covered raspberries, or a failed romance.

I'm on the hunt for examples of DILLIGAF when people chose to 'not give a fuck'.
Please feel free to share.


  1. What a great idea to explore this! As the eloquent fellows of TISM once quipped "I'm interested in apathy". I work for a research department at a university and have often fielded calls from some of the old 'salt of the earth' farmers doing their best to deny the existence of climate change but in particular one serial offender annoyed me with his view of our oceans. As a former sailor who spent many years at sea, he believes given the vastness of our oceans there is 'no way anything us people do can be effecting it'. Not sure whether this qualifies as DILLIGAF given the vehemence in their denials, but it's clear their attitude to the environment at least is DILLIGAF.

  2. Yep.. The inconvenience factor ... I'd care, only it's gonna make me change the way I do things, and it might be more difficult, require lots of thinking, require change. Dear God, it might require money. I like things the way they are, it's someone else's problem, the government will fix it, my contribution won't make any difference, technology will fix it, it's someone elses fault, it's always worked before, those bloody greenies!