Friday, November 23, 2012

Who Gives a Crap?

My websearch 'who gives a crap' landed me here.

You can buy who gives a crap toilet paper and 50% of the profits go to improving sanitation in developing countries.

At this rate I should work my way through the swear word dictionary.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Join the Unfucker Movement!

I saw this photo on Facebook and tracked down the Unfuck the World Movement.  Just the antidote we need for a Fuck the World attitude. I'd buy one of those t-shirts if I thought I could get away with wearing it. to visit the site and become an unfucker.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Definition of Apathy

"Apathy is a mental state in which the sufferer lacks the desire, will or energy to engage in any activity, whether intellectual or physical. It is variously called indifference, boredom, lassitude, languor, listlessness, laziness, lethargy or inertia. It may be symptom of mental disorder. It is first alienation of the self from the world and then self-alienation. Finally it is withdrawal from all participation in the care of others and care of oneself. Collectively, apathy may be expressed in social, economic, political or ideological paralysis, with all the available energy for change locked up in the institutions, systems and structures of society." -- Union of International Associations.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DILLIGAF examples

A group of seniors needed a DVD for a weekly session on which all topics were of interest. Or so I believed. I offered them an environmental DVD and the response was,
'No thanks, we're done the environmnent, we're over it'.
'We're over it?' it struck a chord with me that the environment can be something you can get over, like a predilection for chocolate covered raspberries, or a failed romance.

I'm on the hunt for examples of DILLIGAF when people chose to 'not give a fuck'.
Please feel free to share.


I was first introduced to the word on the Huon highway, it was emblazoned in orange across the back of a Holden. The driver's window rolled down and a can came out. Caleb, my teenage son guffawed and provided an explanation for the acronym.
Does it Look Like I Give a Fuck.  If appeared they didn't.

It stuck with me the entire day. The strange concept that someone would spend money to advertise their lack of caring. But were they serious? Or was there some compulsion to LOOK like they didn’t care, even if they did? Bravado, making a show of their nonchalance when in fact it hid an excruciating sensitivity to the opinion of others? Perhaps a rebellious teenagers reaction, an opportunity to buck authority? 
Or did they really not give a flying fuck about anything? Is the acronym also a meme, a culturally accepted and acknowledged belief in one’s right not to care?

The romans grizzled about their teenagers, each generation sensing a slip into some new level of depravity not seen before.  I don’t want to fall into that trap. Especially as it seems it’s not limited to any particular group, but extends far across the age spectrum. 

There’s something much deeper going on, something rooted in the modern psyche. And I want to know what it is, and why. The imperative to make great change is upon us,  the need to reinvent  our world is here. Yet we are nations of deniers, disbelievers, and those prepared to declare in large orange letters, that they just don't care.
Do we admit defeat or do we delve into our social psyche and seek to understand how it is we came to be here and how it is we, as a species, we reconnect and with our 14 billion feet, and shuffle away from the precipice?